Bangkok, Thailand

Temple of the Reclining Buddha (Wat Pho)

We used our two full days in Bangkok wisely, hitting the major tourist sites early which left us ample time to explore the city. The weather is *warm* with a side of humidity. All of the temples require women to wear ankle-length bottoms and covered shoulders. I brought along a scarf to drape around my shoulders when necessary which still allowed me to wear a tank outside in the courtyards. On the grounds at Wat Pho (Temple of the Reclining Buddha) there is a Thai Traditional Massage School where you can get an hourlong massage for less than five USD. J and I both opted for half-hour foot massages which were killer after the long flight. Usually I’m anti-massage, even at the most upscale spas. I just can’t justify being touched so intimately by a stranger. An upscale spa this was certainly not, but it was a well made exception.

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Salsa Skillet Chicken

When I cook, more often than not I find myself committing to a super complicated recipe that requires some sort of prolonged brine and 15 different spices, most of which I need to purchase the day of. After sitting down to dinner at 9pm, I realize that I probably could have skipped the 1/8 tsp of sumac. Needless to say, I’m trying to become more open to easy recipes that require less prep. I am learning that complicated does not necessarily equal better.

Case in point: this creamy salsa chicken recipe is so easy and seriously tastes great. Serve it over brown rice or quinoa in a bowl with some fresh cilantro and let the compliments roll in.

VSCO Cam-1-1


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Big Primpin

Quality beauty treatments in NYC can get expensive, especially if you’re in constant need of a new look to go with your new outfit. With all of our recent weddings and weekend plans, I wanted to find a beauty routine that was financially sustainable but still felt like a luxury. After some trial and error, I finally landed upon the perfect hair/makeup combination that does not break the Amex.

Perfect pony at Birchbox
Perfect pony at Birchbox

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Week In Review

As an emergency and critical care veterinarian, my hours are less than desirable. Currently I’m working a 7 on/7 off overnight schedule, so I’ve been sleeping a lot during the day. On my off week, it takes me a while to get back to the land of the living (think many naps and an 8pm bedtime). I try to offset my chronic fatigue with trying to maintain a routine on my off days (and buying myself presents). Here are some highlights from my week to keep me feeling semi-normal.

Hank and an officer at the 13th Precinct
Hank and an officer at the 13th Precinct

Hank drags us across the street every morning so that he can be doted upon by New York’s Finest. They always have a treat handy to add to his ever expanding waistline.

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Up North, Eh?

We’ve been on a wedding circuit as of late, which has been both fun and exhausting. I have not had a chill NYC weekend in over two months and it’s starting to feel like I’m just visiting my city in between events (dramatic).

This past weekend, we flew up to Toronto for my friend’s wedding at The Art Gallery of Ontario. I love parties in atypical spaces, and they really nailed it–the wedding was modern and elegant but not stuffy. Drinking cocktails in a museum feels a little illicit. There’s a small part of me that’s like well, what would happen if I just ‘tripped’ and this martini went all over this priceless painting? I almost have to hold myself together in a weird fantastical way.

Steven Meisel's Portrait of Madonna as photographed by Anne Collier's
Steven Meisel’s portrait of Madonna as photographed by Anne Collier. One of my favorites at AGO.

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Anything Scones

I am a major morning person, except for when it comes to fitting in breakfast. I’m usually out the door with coffee and don’t bother to eat anything until lunchtime. However, I do have one fail-safe grab-and-go recipe that works for every season. I call them Anything Scones, because you could literally add any seasonal fruit, herb or chocolate to the recipe and it will never fail you. The scones are always moist, delicious and in my experience go well with bodega coffee and the M15 bus.

Anything scone looking good on a Sascha Brastoff Surf Ballet plate
Anything Scone looking good on a Sascha Brastoff Surf Ballet plate.

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Down South

Best maple bacon donut from Glazed
Best maple bacon donut from Glazed

Last weekend, Jordan and I flew down to South Carolina for a friend’s wedding. We’ve always wanted to eat at Husk and may have made a reservation four months ago (worth it). We spent one night in Charleston and then drove down to Seabrook Island. There was a major rental car shortage due to the recent flooding, so we ended up procuring a last minute Zipcar for the weekend after a minor airport panic attack (sorry J).

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Well Traveled

I am admittedly not the best traveler. I have minor plane anxiety that I deal with by spending fifty dollars at Hudson News followed by taking a pre-flight Xanax regardless of flight length. After boarding, I immediately plug into the JetBlue TV system and re-watch whatever show is on Bravo. Today I got home from the Club Monaco sample sale (it was a bust) to a surprise belated wedding gift from my cousin. Nothing better to help ease my travel woes than matching personalized Ralph Lauren cashmere travel sets! J and I are flying to South Carolina tomorrow for a wedding and I can’t wait to be travel set twins. I am sure he feels the same.

RL Cabled Cashmere Travel Set
RL Cabled Cashmere Travel Set

A Night at the Ballet

Last night Jordan surprised me with tickets to The New York City Ballet. We go about once a season and always look forward to spending the night at Lincoln Center. Spending $16 on a small drink always feels a little extravagant, but sipping it on the balcony of the theater overlooking the plaza before curtain makes the expense all part of the experience. The show was beautiful, just adding to my already normal obsession with ballerinas.

J with a $16 scotch
J with a $16 scotch

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My Morning

I’m naturally an early riser and will wake up at 7am no matter how late I go to sleep the night before. I think it stems from my parents’ golf addiction: throughout my childhood someone was always teeing off when the rest of the world was just getting out of bed. I love waking up in our apartment, going downstairs for a coffee and walking the dog. It’s an easy morning routine that I look forward to every day. Today, Hank and I walked Jordan to work and headed to the park afterwards for some exercise (for him, not me).

Hank enjoying his morning routine
Hank enjoying his morning routine