Naturopathica Spa

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Cold pressed juices on tap? Yes please! I sampled several offerings from the Vitality Bar at the new Naturopathica Spa in Chelsea. My friend Lauren, a beauty guru and the marketing manager at Naturopathica, was kind enough to give me a tour of the new space. New York is a city where any manicurist with a kitchen timer and portable massage chair can call themselves a spa. So it was amazing to find myself in a space that truly pays homage to the art of wellness and relaxation.

Every corner of the spa is dedicated to a different aspect of natural wellness.  There is an entire wall of signature tea blends.  Antioxidant rich ‘Skin Tea’ was my fave; I love the possibility of sipping my way to perfect skin.  I mean, it sounds easy enough.  Very Gwenyth.  Naturopathica’s entire product line was also available to sample and there were plenty of knowledgeable ‘well being specialists’ around to answer any questions, of which I had plenty.

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Naturopathica’s product line on display

The treatment rooms were relaxing and welcoming, but my favorite space at the spa was definitely the sensory and meditation lounge. It’s like a nature-inspired cocoon. You can relax, gently surrounded by natural imagery projected on all four walls. At first we were meditating (read: talking) on a snowy mountaintop and then transitioned to a tropical beach. I wonder if Lauren can pull some strings and project Keeping Up With The Kardashians on the walls. It’s basically just as calming.

My Fave Naturopathica Products:  Oat Facial Polish, Lavender Honey Mist, Carrot Seed Oil

Spa Treatments:  Pure Results Facial, Signature Herbal Massage, Wild Lime Hair + Scalp Therapy

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Massage oils at The Remedy Bar

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