Big Primpin

Quality beauty treatments in NYC can get expensive, especially if you’re in constant need of a new look to go with your new outfit. With all of our recent weddings and weekend plans, I wanted to find a beauty routine that was financially sustainable but still felt like a luxury. After some trial and error, I finally landed upon the perfect hair/makeup combination that does not break the Amex.

Perfect pony at Birchbox
Perfect pony at Birchbox

Nothing makes me happier than slightly dirty hair. It’s just my luck that Birchbox Soho prefers it that way too. For only $30 you can get a custom braid, updo or wavy look in just under 30 minutes. After my appointment I even compiled my own Birchbox at the BYOB bar for only $15 and took home lots of full-sized samples. I entered the store with a slightly greasy top knot and left with a sleek, elegant pony (and samples!) all for under $50.

Slightly embarrassing makeup selfie
Embarrassing makeup selfie at Sephora

Given NYC’s abundant variety of makeup services, I never would have thought the most reasonably priced, high quality application was hiding on every major street corner in Manhattan at Sephora. The cost of the service is just a $50 minimum purchase.  This is far less than any other professional makeup application I’ve ever gotten and you get to take the product(s) home. It’s almost like the makeup application is free with purchase. I am always up for new treatments to mix up my beauty regimen, but these two services are definitely here to stay. Sephora is also a judgment free place to take a makeup mirror selfie, since everyone around me was also doing it. #blendingin


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