Week In Review

As an emergency and critical care veterinarian, my hours are less than desirable. Currently I’m working a 7 on/7 off overnight schedule, so I’ve been sleeping a lot during the day. On my off week, it takes me a while to get back to the land of the living (think many naps and an 8pm bedtime). I try to offset my chronic fatigue with trying to maintain a routine on my off days (and buying myself presents). Here are some highlights from my week to keep me feeling semi-normal.

Hank and an officer at the 13th Precinct
Hank and an officer at the 13th Precinct

Hank drags us across the street every morning so that he can be doted upon by New York’s Finest. They always have a treat handy to add to his ever expanding waistline.

Couples shot from a summer wedding
Couples shot from a summer wedding

I love when people take the time to send out personal pictures from their wedding rather than just a huge link.  I mean, why would I ever want to sift through two thousand pictures of strangers to find one picture of myself looking awkward in the outer layer of the hora? Needless to say, the above picture was in my inbox this week for my direct viewing pleasure. J and I weren’t even married yet!

My favorite entryway on E 21st
One of my favorite entryways on E 21st

I just love this broken down entryway on my morning walk. It’s attached to a similarly styled architect’s office, so I’m assuming the look is intentional. Or maybe I’m just in love with a dilapidated doorway.

Hank and I outside Maialino
With Hank outside Maialino. My favorite new T-shirt by Rodarte.

When I’m not working, Hank and I try to walk Jordan halfway to work. Our trek always ends with a coffee at Maialino, one of our favorite go-to neighborhood restaurants. You can always find a seat at the bar for a glass of pinot noir and a bowl of rich, eggy, cacio e pepe. Jordan also may be friends with the entire barista staff.


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